The client

Established in 1987 to provide IT solutions to local organisations DSM over the years have developed a reputation as a reliable supplier of IT services to the business community.

Business Continuity and disaster recovery with 650 fully configured workplace positions, data centre and hosting facilities all sited in a fabulously converted state of the art facility in an old WWII aircraft hangar .

The brief

Come up with a cooling solution to provide HPC capability, eliminating the need for any gas based refrigerants, effectively utilise the restricted space and provide scope for future growth as cooling demand increases!

DSM data centre expansion plan

The DSM Data Center is expanding

Estimated to be operational by Q2/3 2020. 50 racks, high density capability (55kw+ rack), environmentally friendly (no refrigerant or power hungry coolers).

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The parameters

Requirement of 34 42U 8×12 cabinets with a cooling capacity of 10kW each to be deployed within an awkward space with annexes and pillars with a pre-existing false floor of only 150mm reserved only for cabling.

A separate private client area for 9 additional cabinets each with 10kW cooling capacity to be sited within a pre-installed cage.

The solution

To attain the best cooling capacity we designed in CL20 C12 rear door coolers deployed every 3rd cabinet easily servicing the initial 10kW per cabinet cooling requirement. Enabling future growth within the same footprint up to 92kW per cabinet by utilising further RDCs only as demand required.

A cost effective solution without utilising any refrigerant and low energy use EC fans all managed by the intelligent ColdLogik Management System ’CMS’ which constantly adjusts fan speed and water flow rate as required in real time. Water was fed from bore-hole from a nearby lake without any disruption to the environment.

  • Cost savings
  • Energy savings
  • Low CAPEX
  • Fast ROI
  • Low OPEX

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