The USystems CDULOGIK200 is a stand alone CDU that provides efficient separation of the primary and secondary fluid circuits through a plate heat exchanger. The CDU is designed to operate mainly on RDC/IRC deployments while occupying the space of a standard 42U, 800w, 1200d rack. Similar to the ColdLogik installation philosophy piping can be either top or bottom entry among other options.

A CDU can also be used in applications where the primary and secondary loops need separating because the fluids are dissimilar or when the operating temperatures of the two loops are significantly different.

CDU's are typically installed in DCLC/immersion systems where both loops have contrasting fluids which means a CDU is an essential piece of equipment for that system and subsequently increases the CapEx and OpEx of those systems.

ColdLogik Rear Door Cooler deployments generally operate with high water temperatures and therefore do not require a CDU however a CDU can be introduced if the primary fluid temperatures are too cold and the need to maintain a supply fluid temperature to the data centre space above dew point is required.

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