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Our business has been supporting Crypto mining since 2007, Delivering specialized soundproofing cabinets for on promise or EDGE deployments of mining, in varied locations, globally. However, as the drive for Cryptocurrency has risen and mining has become more mainstream, so has the need for Crypto mining Data Centers.

Traditionally, these type of sites have been delivered in extremely cold climates, due to the drive to just get the miners going with no real facility design structure, apart from the pure power requirements and using regional cold climates to keep the miners cool.

However as more facilities come online, the required availability and necessary requirements fall in line with regional laws and guides, the need for a more structured approach to Crypto mining has been put in practice. The ColdLogik rear door alongside its dedicated mining cabinet provide a key platform for Crypto mining to be deployed in any region, while still delivering efficiency and sustainable cooling. Designed to deliver 35x S19 miners in one cabinet, with capable cooling capacity including that for overclocking up to 200kW of power cooling per cabinet, it can deliver free cooling even in hot climates where power can be cheap due to solar, meaning the ColdLogik Crypto offering is key to all mining operations.

Benefits & Savings

Cooling Fan EDGE Circle Green
200kW cooling capacity to support Overclocking
Rapid Deployment Icon Circle Green
Rapid Deployment
Real Estate Circle Green
Increased Miner Deployment Per Footprint
Stable Environment Icon Circle Green
Stable Environment

Deployment Strategies​

This section covers USystems recommendations for deploying ColdLogik RDC's (RDHX) into Blockchain & Crypto mining facilities.

  • Up to 33x S19 Asic Miners per Cabinet deployed
  • Integrated Cabinet and cooling technology.
  • Up to 200kW of cooling capacity
  • Rapid deployment
  • 100% Free Cooling capability
  • Cost effective solution
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Deployment Setup

33x S19 Deployment Solution
Rapid Deployment

122.5kW per Cabinet as Standard
200kW for Overclocking per Cabinet available



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  • Deployment & Installation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Warranties + Preventative Action
  • Last Mile Delivery
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