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Moving data closer to the end user is the key driver in the new IT world and “EDGE” With the emergence of 5G allowing for significant data transfer having critical applications back closer to the people using it is becoming the requirement. Our Edge-ready solutions and Micro DCs guarantee High level availability anywhere that’s requires IT to be closer to the end user. An IT hybrid strategy is critical to most businesses and the ability to house this locally while utilizing the same technology is a must. The modular and compact design of our plug-and-play Micro DC solutions allows for fast deployment in multiple environments delivering the required applications , where low latency, high scalability are needed and with , low maintenance and improved connectivity are needed in today’s environments.

Benefits & Savings

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Up To 93% Energy Savings
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Reduction of CO2e up to 99%
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95% space saving of cooling white space for an equivalent deployment
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Up to 100% water saving

Applications / Vertical

Our Edge platforms allow for deployment into Offices, Classrooms, Labs and Data Centers. No matter the required application, USystems delivers a turnkey deployment for “Edge” deployments for the IT needs of any Industry. A localized requirement for IT is available using USystems Products.

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Telecommunications Operators

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  • Data Centre Optimization Health Check
  • Deployment & Installation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Warranties + Preventative Action
  • Last Mile Delivery
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