Data Centers – Hyperscale

Hyperscale Data Centers generally take up large amounts of space and utilize significant amounts of power and water to cool this facilities. The ColdLogik range of products, have been utilized for hyperscalers to achieve the required results to not only supporting operationally the kW duties being created, in excess of 130kW in some cases, but also to eliminate some of the significant environmental challenges seen within this sector, from water usage, power usage and overall Carbon reduction. Coldlogik delivers on all of these while maintaining the desired footprint data centers are designed with.

Benefits & Savings

Energy Symbol Circle Green
Up To 93% Energy Savings
Carbon Co2 Circle Green
Reduction of CO2e up to 99%
Real Estate Circle Green
95% space saving of cooling white space for an equivalent deployment
Water droplet Circle Green
Up to 100% water saving


  • Data Centre Optimization Health Check
  • Deployment & Installation
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Warranties + Preventative Action
  • Last Mile Delivery
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