ColdLogik CL80 InRow Cooler

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The Range

CL80 300w InRow Cooler

42u 300 x 1200 IRC 4210z 1

CL80 600w InRow Cooler

IRC 600w x 1200d 2

Up to 80kW Total, 67kW Sensible cooling 42U, 47U, 48U, 52U

InRow Cooling

The coupling of InRow coolers and aisle containment provide greater precision cooling over old fashioned data centers set-ups such as CRAC based designs.

Aside from taking up less real estate, adding flexibility by creating POD based systems (CAC or HAC), and where required, removing the need for raised flooring, the overall design allows for higher cabinet heat loads. In fact the CL80 InRow is capable of handling up to 80kW total, 67kW sensible cooling per system.

The combination of EC fan technology, managed air flow, water volume control and the incorporation of the ColdLogik Management System culminate in a cooling system that can grow with your heat loads.

Crucially the CL80 InRow can give a 60% energy saving over traditional data center designs.

Lower OPEX

  • 40% more energy efficient than other In Rows
  • Up to 60% energy savings compared to CRACs
  • Rapid ROI and lower cost of ownership
  • Significantly faster deployment than alternative cooling
  • Scalable design – simply add cabinets and InRows as your business grows
  • No additional room air conditioning required such as CRAC units


  • Broad coverage of cooling capacity and options
  • Most energy efficient InRow in the market
  • Highest cooling duty available for an InRow cooler industry wide
  • Operates above and below dew point, condensation management included as standard
  • Control the whole room environment from one solution utilising the inbuilt ColdLogik Management System ‘CMS’
  • Monitor entire process with a ColdLogik Room Management System 'RMS'

CL80 InRow cooler

In-row cooling technology is a type of air conditioning system commonly used for data center cooling which the cooling unit is placed between the server cabinets in a row to air to the server equipment's more effectively. In-row cooling systems use a horizontal airflow pattern utilising hot aisle/cold aisle configurations and they potentially only need occupy one-half rack of row space without any additional side clearance space.

The in-row cooling unit draws warm exhaust air directly from the hot aisle, cools it and distributes it to the cold aisle. This ensures that inlet temperatures are steady for precise operation. Coupling the air conditioning with the heat source produces an efficient direct return air path; this is called “close coupled cooling,” which also lowers the fan energy required. In-row cooling also prevents the mixing of hot and cold air, thus increasing efficiency.

cl80 300w right scaled
CL80 300w Liquid InRow Cooler
cl80 600w scaled
CL80 600w Liquid InRow Cooler

Capable of a maximum of 80kW total, with 67kW sensible cooling, and is complete with the ColdLogik Management System (CMS) with 6 x energy efficient EC fans.

ColdLogik CL80 InRow Coolers utilise space efficiently whilst offering closed coupled cooling within aisle containment.

They offer precision in-row cooling controlled and integrated via ColdLogik's award winning intelligent Management and Room Management Systems

How the Solution Works - In Row cooling and containment

CL80 Air Flow

Conventional data center cooling relies on the room being flooded with cold air which works well at minimal power densities. In row cooling offers increased capacity and power efficiencies by focusing cooling at the actual load perimeter of the aisle containment rather than relying on the air conditioner from the room itself.

In row units comprise a heat exchange coil which utilises chilled water as the cooling medium which is supplied by the external chiller system.

In row cooling is an efficient and ideal solution for high density data centers without affecting the baseline cooling and humidity control of room based CRAC units.

CL80 InRow Overview

CL80 InRow Cooler

Each CL80 InRow cooler is fitted with a ColdLogik management system ‘CMS’. The parameters continually adjust to meet the heat load demand, providing optimum energy efficiency

ColdLogik management system ‘CMS’.

Controlled aisle environment

The ColdLogik Management System ‘CMS’ lies at the heart of the InRow solution.

The cold aisle temperature is controlled at the return air from the InRow by the ‘CMS’. Automatically adjusting fan speeds, water flow rate and, if necessary, the output water temperature from the chiller with no operator intervention.

The whole process can also be overseen and controlled at individual cabinet level, room level and remotely via many of the industry standard communication protocols.

The ColdLogik system operates on a ‘sensible cooling’ principle – ‘water above dew point’ with the system remaining free of condensation.

Data center monitoring

ColdLogik RMS
ColdLogik RMS monitor can monitor up to either 100 devices or 300 devices

The ColdLogik solution may be supplied with an optional Room Management System ‘RMS’. The Unit can be fitted inside or outside the DC at the entrance to the data hall for instance, monitoring the operational condition of the DC or any individual connected item.

It is designed to provide ‘all’ details of the ColdLogik Data Center cooling, interfacing before the Building Management System, but working with any BMS installed.

The ‘RMS’ uses Modbus over TCP/IP communication to access information from each ColdLogik unit (CMS - ColdLogik Management System – built into each cooler).

The ‘RMS’ has an IP address (Network port), six USB ports and options to upgrade the built-in software with various ‘control or logic’ options. The unit is “bare” until the ColdLogik installation data is programmed in.

CL80 Air Flow
Airflow from InRow coolers to front of cabinets

Pre-Installation Services

The ColdLogik commitment in offering you get a full Data Center Health Check for optimization of efficiency and sustainability. Our Data Center experts can deliver a program that will help you improve the overall efficiency and performance of your data center. By simply allowing our technical experts to evaluate your entire data centre’s infrastructure, we can recommend the latest best practices and technologies.

As Carbon reduction is high on everyone’s agenda, one of the quickest ways to achieve targets is to ensure you are deploying the latest efficient technologies and design. This is not just relevant for new build but also retrofitting your aging data center facility.

As part of The ColdLogik Services Optimization program, the Data Center Health Check looks at a data centre's environment and determines if it is meeting the performance and efficiency goals of its operator.

For data center operators that are considering futureproofing their facility while potentially, introducing higher density practices to meet the demands of AI for instance, our Health Check program can recommend power and cooling modifications to improve efficiency and save tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Addressing Business Challenges the Health Check is designed to address common design flaws and misconceptions, delivering data and analytic reporting to overcome obstacles and challenges that can hinder performance, such as Increased energy consumption in legacy cooling architecture that can be rectified to assist in the reduction in power and water usage as well as a more efficient and intelligent Integrated building system.

As most businesses are committed to reduce Carbon emissions by 2030 or 2050, existing IT related facilities, familiarly known as Data Centers are a key starting point as significant savings can be made here.

On the surface, a data center might not be as healthy as it looks. To assess the health of a data center, our technical engineers conduct an on-site visit to determine if there are specific areas where power and cooling can be improved. We then make recommendations from this data creating a migration path to ensure best practice and improve performance.

Our Data Center specialists, with many years of combined industry knowledge, will not only provide a detailed report covering existing issues, but we will also deliver quick wins through to extensive redesign and deployment, including design, manufacture, installation, and even providing the overall project management of the fit out, as a principal contractor.

We are here to help you make informed decisions about your data center, its transition to a more efficient and sustainable facility to achieve the desired outcome while still ensuring outstanding Carbon reduction.

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