The ColdLogik design principle means only sensible cooling is used to control the data centre room temperature. Which means ensuring the water supply temperature to the CL20 rear coolers is above dew point at all times. The CDU design controls the supply water temperature by the use of a heat exchange matrix, meaning that the data centre remains condensate free. The unique patented Leak Prevention System ‘LPS’ puts all the cooling pipe work, apparatus and CL20 rear coolers on a negative circuit so in the event of a breach to pipe work or even untightened fittings, water will not escape and the data centre will continue to operate uninterrupted until a schedule repair can be carried out.


With a guaranteed leak free operation, the Leak Prevention System has removed the need for clients to invest in duplicate set ups – the space they take up and the obvious associated costs - while providing considerable environmental benefits:

  • Less need for real estate - a smaller, less complex building can be used
  • Combined with our Coldlogik rear door water cooling system, saving energy by up to 98% over traditional data centre cooling – a proven figure when waste heat from the data centre is used to heat other areas of the operation
  • A system which is modular and scalable, to suit any size or density of data centre from 23kW to 10MW and can work with high or low flow rates and water temperatures
  • The system can be easily upscaled with very little cost and no interruption to the running of the existing data centre
  • A lower carbon footprint