an illustrated diagram of devices connecting via cloud computing

A Data Center is a physical location utilised by businesses and organisations to house computing and networking equipment for the purpose of collecting, storing, and delivering shared applications and data.

Traditionally, many businesses have had on-site Data Centers. This is where the Data Center is located on the same site as the company premises, and is owned and operated by the company. The advantage of having an on-site Data Center, is that the company can have complete control over their data and no one else can access it. It also allows you to have easy access to your data when you require it. However, on-site Data Centers can be associated with high costs. As well as the upfront costs of purchasing the hardware and infrastructure, there is also the cost of maintaining the Data Center and staffing costs. It can also be difficult to scale up an on-site Data Center, as it is limited to the infrastructure you purchase and deploy.

Cloud Data Centers move the traditional on-site Data Center off-site. In a Cloud Data Center, you store your data on someone else’s hardware and infrastructure, away from your own company premises. Instead of personally managing your own infrastructure, you lease infrastructure that is managed by a third party. You can then access the Data Center via the internet. A negative of Cloud Data Centers is that you have to give up some of the control you have over your data. Also, if there is an issue with the internet connection, it can temporarily stop you from accessing your remote data. However, Cloud Data Centers are much more scalable, and have much lower costs when compared to on-site Data Centers.

Having a Cloud Data Center doesn’t mean you have to move everything to the Cloud. Many companies have hybrid Cloud Data Centers which have a mix of on-premises Data Center components and Cloud Data Center components.

Cloud Data Centers are just one of the different types of Data Centers. At Usystems and ColdLogik, we provide high-quality solutions for a range of different types of Data Centers. At USystems, we understand the importance of Data Centers to modern businesses. USystems are working towards more efficient and sustainable Data Centers, by providing leading and innovative technologies to use less energy and reduce carbon footprint globally.

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