Image of a data center

A Data Center is a physical location utilised by businesses and organisations to house computing and networking equipment for the purpose of collecting, storing, and delivering shared applications and data.

They must contain adequate storage and power and be carefully temperature-controlled to make sure all the elements can function correctly without losing power or overheating.

Data Center cooling is all about controlling the temperature inside your data center to reduce heat. Cooling solutions are vital to ensure that a data center remains at a safe temperature. Overheating can be very damaging to server equipment, and if any crashes occur and the equipment is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, this can cause significant delays for businesses who need to access their data. Computing equipment that is overheating can also pose a fire hazard, so it is important to prevent this for health and safety reasons. Keeping the temperature of a Data Center carefully regulated can prevent these problems before they happen and keep everything running without an issue.

As IT systems become increasingly complex and powerful, the amount of heat they output has also grown. Cooling solutions therefore have and will continue to be, an essential part of server hosting.

ColdLogik and USystems are dedicated to creating efficient and effective cooling solutions. ColdLogik from USystems provides innovative cooling solutions for Data Centers of all types and sizes.

There are several different types of Data Centers, depending on their function and intended use.

An Enterprise Data Center is owned and operated by the same company and is sometimes located within the same facility as the main company premises, but it may be located on a separate site.

A Hyperscale Data Center is a Data Center of significant size in footprint or power availability.

A Co-location facility (Co-lo) is generally a larger Data Center that is subdivided to support many different business users.

A Cloud Data Center is a remote facility, accessed via the Cloud.

USystems offers a range of products for these different types of Data Centers. The Data Center is vital to modern businesses, and we understand how important it is to ensure that they run efficiently and safely. We offer a range of innovative Data Center solutions.

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