35 Asic Antminers


Since its inception, crypto mining continues to be a hot (if not controversial) topic as it continues to divide opinions and even countries.  It is well documented that some countries are either are approving crypto mining in their countries and approving it as legal tender, whereas others have banned its use completely. 

Clearly it is disruptive to the financial sector which is trying to adjust and accommodate but the one thing that can be said, rightly or wrongly, it is not going away and is gaining in popularity.

The one thing it is not immune to is the need to address its power usage and its structure deployment and configuration, moving away rapidly from its wild west origin.

At USystems we have used the ColdLogik philosophy to design a highly energy efficient rapid roll-out solution, capable of cooling more crypto units per rack for new build and existing data center colos, whilst ensuring each retains a perfect temperature during operation in the most cost effective and sustainable way available.

Rapid Deployment Crypto Mining from USystems

The key to crypto mining sites is the ease and speed of deployment. USystems have designed a rack dedicated to housing Crypto miners, ensuring maximum density per square foot: in fact, the ColdLogik Crypto-Rack can house up to 35x S19 Asic Antminers.

At 112kW per rack as standard, high-performance cooling becomes a prerequisite, which is why we couple the Crypto-Rack with our latest ColdLogik CL23 HPC Rear Door Cooler.  With one eye on energy savings, the 112kW per Crypto-Rack can be cooled year-round using free-cooling, and within excess of 200kW per rack capability the ColdLogik solution can cope with 170kW of overclocking, meaning your deployment is future proofed. This unique configuration allows the USystems Crypto-Rack to be rapidly deployed into a dedicated facility or an existing Colo data center – Simply deploy, connect to supply water, and power up.

ColdLogik Crypto Cooling: The Technology

ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers are established as highly efficient cooling systems for use on data center/server racks.  Designed to operate on a closed loop water circuit, they ensuring optimum thermal and energy performance by removing heat generated by the active equipment directly at source.

Designed to meet the challenging demands of High-Performance Computer (HPC) cooling, USystems with its unique RDC has positioned itself alongside water to the chip  and immersion cooling technologies, and the CL23 HPC is capable of an unrivalled 200kW of sensible cooling per industry standard rack.  Unlike other high performing cooling technologies, the RDC requires no specialist infrastructure in the data center, no specialist servers, is fitted to standard IT racks, has retrofit capability, only occupies a small footprint, is easy to install and simple to roll out. The CL23 HPC is unquestionably cost effective on all levels.

The CL23 HPC by design is capable of controlling the whole room environment without any additional cooling apparatus, unlike equivalent technologies.  In addition, this ColdLogik Solution offers significant capital expenditure savings and with an EER in excess of 100 at maximum duty, the CL23 HPC provides a better operational expenditure too.

How it works

Air Assisted Liquid Cooling ‘AALC’ allows for the best of both worlds, enabling higher densities in standard data center designs and bringing levels of efficiency that are truly capable of enabling change in your next retrofit or new build project.

Ambient air is drawn into the rack via the IT equipment fans. The hot exhaust air is expelled from the equipment and pulled over the heat exchanger assisted by EC fans mounted in the RDC chassis. The exhaust heat transfers into the cooling fluid within the heat exchanger, and the newly chilled air is expelled into the room at, or just below, the predetermined room ambient temperature designed around sensible cooling. Both processes are managed by the ColdLogik adaptive intelligence present in every ProActive RDC, in this way the Rear Door Cooler uses air assisted liquid-cooling to control the whole room temperature automatically at its most efficient point.

ColdLogik RDC’s enhance the efficiency of most data centers without the need for any changes to their current design. However, greater energy efficiencies are achievable when the complete ColdLogik solution is deployed.

By negating heat at the source and removing the need for air mixing or containment, you gain the ability to significantly increase the supply water temperature, which means more efficient external heat rejection options become available. In some scenarios this means that the ColdLogik RDC solution removed all compressor-based cooling, therefore promoting the option to free-cool all year round.

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The ColdLogik Crypto Set Up

Purpose built reinforced slide-in shelves and corresponding CL23 RDC capable of up to 200kW of cooling per cabinet.

Suitable for cold climate locations and can be deployed anywhere in the world or where power is cheap, as the ColdLogik RDCs can provide up to 100% free cooling.

Supports 33x S19 Asic Antminers in a 1000mm (w) x 600mm (d) and 52RU in Height
Supports 33x S19 Asic Antminers in a 1000mm (w) x 600mm (d) and 52RU in Height
Supports 35 x S19 Asic Antminers in an 800mm (w) x 1200mm (d) and 52RU in Height
Supports 35 x S19 Asic Antminers in an 800mm (w) x 1200mm (d) and 52RU in Height

Conclusion on ColdLogik Crypto Mining Data Center

The USystems crypto mining data center solution is designed to deliver:

  • Speed of deployment
  • Largest mining deployment footprint
  • Most Efficient mining cooling that can be deployed anywhere in the world.
  • Cost effective deployment

With this system, crypto mining can scale quicker and easier, in climates where power is cheap and with no real worry on how to cool the miners. Delivering more miners per footprint than any other technology available today, it really is the true mining deliverable system.

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