Rows of server racks in a data center

A Data Center is a physical location utilised by businesses and organisations to house computing and networking equipment. Ever since the internet became part of our daily lives, data centers have become more and more important for businesses.

Within a Data Center are server racks. A server rack is a structure specifically designed to securely house the important technical equipment within a Data Center. Server racks are more than just a storage solution, however. Good server racks must have adequate space for the hardware and cables, and be able to keep the technical equipment organized and accessible.

At Usystems, we are at the forefront of modern Data Center technology. We offer a high-quality range of server racks. Usystems guarantee state-of-the-art manufacturing and unbeatable quality and style for all of our server rack solutions.

The USpace 4210 is a multi-functional server rack. It is compliant with ColdLogik technology, and is able to house all major server brands. The 4210 server rack can be set up in a variety of configurations to suit the needs of your data center.

The USpace 5210 is our premium Data Center rack range. It is an aluminium framed server rack with a rigid bolted construction.  It comprises of four sturdy aluminium corner posts, with an aluminium top and bottom frame. As with the 4210 rack, it is compliant with ColdLogik technology, and is able to house all major server brands.

All our server racks can be adapted and customized to suit your business needs. Both the USpace 4210 range and the 5210 range have a variety of door options. Doors are available in AirTech vented steel which has 80% airflow, and AirTech ‘V’ vented steel which has up to 86% airflow. We also offer AirTech vented wardrobe doors. Our doors can also accommodate upgraded security locking.

Our server racks come with Locking cast swing handles as standard, but we also offer the chance to upgrade to proximity smart card/fob readers, combination locks, or electronic intelligent locking.

Usystems are at the forefront of modern data center innovation. We continuously work towards creating more efficient and sustainable data centers, by providing leading and innovative Data Center technologies. We offer customer support to our clients and provide local and global scale coverage.

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