In this episode Paul Surdykowski talks to Brandon Peccoralo, General Manager at DataBank, Ltd. Data Center who support Cloud, Network and Cyber Security. The Midtown Atlanta Data Center is a purpose built high performance, high compute facility which has chosen USystems liquid cooling technology. They discuss the cost of cooling and the desire to do it in the most efficient and effective way, you want to bring the cooling technology as close to the heat source as possible – like with a 6 pack of Cola, you wouldn’t cool the entire kitchen to keep it cool, you would put it in the the fridge. With a new Data Centre like ATL1 you may only have three or four customers in the back, by using traditional methods like CRAC units you are cooling an largely empty room. The benefit of USystems ColdLogik Rear Door Cooler is the ability to isolate each individual cabinet by its exact usage, meaning you go from average PUE levels of 1.6-1.8 right down to 1.2. Paul and Brandon also discuss how Rear Door Cooling enables you to have 100% recycled, closed loop, water system.

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