An image of data cabinets in a data center

Data Centers are crucial to modern businesses. As the demand for high-speed data and data storage continues to increase, the importance of Data Centers continues to grow. Standard personal computer networks and IT systems do not have a high enough processing power to handle the sheer amount of data modern businesses require for their day-to-day operations. Data centers, therefore, are required to process data quickly and efficiently.

The problem with Data Centers, however, is that they use up high amounts of energy. In particular, the running of Data Center cooling equipment can use up lots of energy and resources, which can have a negative impact on the environment.

Data Center cooling is a necessary process, however. Cooling solutions are vital to ensure that a data center remains at a safe temperature.

Equipment in Data Centers can produce large amounts of heat. Overheating can be very damaging to the equipment in Data Centers. Computing equipment that is overheating can also pose a fire hazard, so it is important to prevent this for health and safety reasons. Keeping the temperature of a Data Center carefully regulated can prevent these problems before they happen and keep everything running without an issue.

It is clear then that Data Center cooling is an important and necessary process. Sustainable solutions for Data Center cooling must therefore be put in place, to lessen the impact that Data Centers have on the environment in the future. This is where USystems excel.

At USystems, sustainability is our top priority. We are continually working towards creating more efficient and sustainable Data Centers. For over a decade we have produced leading and innovative Data Center cooling solutions, designed to use less energy, and reduce our carbon footprint globally. Our technology is core to some of the most energy efficient Data Centers on the planet.

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is the metric used to determine the energy efficiency of a Data Center. At USystems, we have a proven track record of our technology being utilised to deliver class-leading PUE results throughout the globe. As Data Centre cooling specialists, the USystems ColdLogik product is designed to reduce PUE. This is accomplished by minimising the power draw requirements of the product through use of adaptive intelligence with the ColdLogik Management System.

USystems are at the forefront of modern data center cooling. At USystems we are passionate about sustainability. Our mission is to produce cooling solutions that lower energy usage and reduce CO2 emissions.

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