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Delays in data transfer, known as latency, can affect businesses and consumers alike. Latency is the measure of how long it takes your computer and the internet to respond to an action. Latency has become more of an issue in recent years, with increased demand on data centers to handle more and more data via the cloud, to facilitate services such as e-commerce and streaming. However, there are improvements and innovations being made every day to increase processing speeds and to prevent delays.

With instant data transfer being more important than ever before, businesses may struggle to keep up with demand if they do not have adequate bandwidth. One method that is helping businesses and organisations to increase their processing speed without relying too much on high bandwidth is to use a micro data center, also known as an edge data center. Processing data at the edge means it is processed closer to the source it is created, or the user end. Instead of just sending data directly to the cloud data center, which can often be located miles from where the business operates and even on other continents, the micro data center processes some of this data at the user end. This acts as a sort of bridge between the user and the large external data center, and this helps to make processing speeds much faster, reducing or even eliminating latency. Micro data centers are especially beneficial to businesses where rapidly handling and processing large amounts of data is essential, such as businesses with large customer databases.

In the past, organisations may have had their own large on-site data center or server room, though  they often took up large amounts of space, were expensive to run and could be very energy inefficient. Being able to access a data center via the cloud instead presented a solution to these problems, but due to high demand more and more data centers have been popping up, and it is the physical distance between the user and the data center that is the root of latency issues. Having an on-site micro data center may seem like a step backwards, but it brings together the benefits of an on-premises data center with the convenience of the cloud, and with none of the latency or delays.

USystems are one of the UK’s leading providers of micro data center solutions. We aim to provide energy-efficient and future-proof data center products that help to eliminate latency issues as well as reduce your environmental impact. All of our micro data centers take up just a square meter of floor space and can be easily installed into your existing workspace without having to construct specialised housing facilities. They require minimal maintenance and have soundproofing options to help prevent any distractions. If you think a micro data center could be the right solution for you to help make latency problems a thing of the past, take a look at our data center solutions today and see how we can help your business stay on top of the latest technological innovations.

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