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It is well known that data centers generate high amounts of heat and cooling solutions are vital to keeping a data center running properly. However, data centers can also generate very high levels of sound from the computing hardware and the cooling equipment. This can create a loud and uncomfortable work environment, but there are soundproofing solutions available that can drastically reduce the sound level and make a data center a much quieter and more comfortable place.

A server rack is a unit used to house the high-end computing equipment that processes the data in a data center. A soundproof server rack helps to quieten the noise produced by the computing equipment and cooling fans within the rack. Data center racks are also known as server cabinets, which often come with lockable doors for maximum security and cooling efficiency. The most effective way to soundproof a data center is with soundproof server cabinets, which reduce the noise at the source. Without soundproofing, the noise level within a data center can become distracting and uncomfortable for the staff and engineers who have to access the equipment, so soundproofing can help to make a data center a significantly more pleasant work environment. Cleaning the cooling fans in a data center regularly can also help to reduce excessive noise. Fans quickly collect dust and high amounts of dust can slow fans down and make them noisier, so it is important to maintain the data center properly. Further measures can also be taken if necessary, such as installing soundproof panels in the data center room itself to reduce the amount of overall noise. Staff can also be supplied with earplugs or ear defenders to make sure the noise level in the data center isn’t causing harm.

Despite their small size, micro data centers can also generate a lot of noise. Micro data centers are a modern solution to latency issues; a compact data center that is installed at the user end to process data at the source instead of fully relying on the cloud. Taking up just a square meter of space, they are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible to prevent any distractions in the workspace. All of micro data centers from USystems are soundproof, meaning that any noise generated is kept to a minimum, allowing you and your team to get on with the important work while the micro data center helps to keep your data running smoothly without any loud noises or distractions.

USystems are one of the UK’s leading providers of data center solutions. We provide comprehensive solutions for data centers of all sizes right down to micro data centers, covering every aspect from racks and frames to aisle containment. Our soundproof data cabinets and micro data centers ensure that your data gets where it needs to go without creating excessive noise and causing distractions in the workplace. If you’re concerned with the noise generated by your data center or micro data center, browse our range of products and solutions today to see how you could make your data center soundproof and more efficient.

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