An engineer working on a micro data center

Edge computing can be very beneficial to businesses that are experiencing problems with latency but do not have access to their own full-size data center. By introducing a local, self-sufficient micro data center into your business premises, large amounts of data can be rapidly processed without putting a strain on your bandwidth. Bringing data processing capability closer to the data source means that latency can be reduced and processing speed can be significantly increased, reducing wait times and leading to all-round better productivity and satisfaction.

Cloud storage and access to cloud-based data centers has revolutionised the way businesses handle their data, providing powerful data processing capabilities to businesses that do not have or cannot afford their own complex IT infrastructure. But with increased demand and reliance on cloud storage throughout all industries, lag and latency have become big issues as these centralised data centers struggle to meet demand. When data is processed far from the source in a cloud-based data center, it has a long distance to travel which is where the problem of latency arises. Edge computing helps to combat these issues by enabling businesses and organises to locally process data using a micro data center, also known as an edge data center. Micro data centers act as a bridge between you and your data center, enabling real-time data processing at the source whilst still allowing access to your powerful cloud-based data center.

Where localised server rooms of the past took up large amounts of floor space or needed their own dedicated building, this isn’t the case with micro data centers. A huge advantage of a micro data center is that it can be easily deployed into existing office space without needing specialised infrastructure. Taking up less than a square meter, they can be easily installed into your place of work, either into a dedicated room or incorporated into your office space. If you’re concerned about any disturbances, our soundproof micro data center solutions create minimal noise and disruption, allowing you to get on with the important work with no noisy distractions.

Edge computing benefits businesses by bringing together the best of both worlds. The convenience and processing power of a cloud-based data center is combined with the rapid speeds of an on-site data center providing local processing, resulting in a solution that is quick, convenient and affordable. With no need for expensive IT infrastructure or bandwidth, your business can benefit from the most efficient and effective solution whilst saving money on running costs. Our active cooled micro data centers also manage their own ambient environment, meaning minimal intervention is required.

If your business has been struggling with latency but you still want the convenience that comes with using cloud storage data centers, edge computing could be the modern solution you need. Our micro data center solutions are compact, soundproof and prioritise energy efficiency to help you reduce your environmental impact. If you think an Edge data center could help your business rapidly process data and improve overall productivity, explore our range today.

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