A close up image of cables from a micro data center

With the increased demand for instant data transfer in our homes and offices, data is taking longer to reach its destination. Most businesses and organisations today rely on large outsourced data centers, usually located far away from their place of business. This demand and distance can cause significant delays and frustrations that affect businesses productivity, but edge micro data centers aim to tackle this problem and bring data computing back to the source, which comes with several benefits.

Computing at the edge means processing the data closer to the source where it is created, rather than in the cloud. Before the cloud, most businesses and organisations would manage their own on-site data center, which was usually a large server room that took up a significant amount of space on the business premises. However, the shift to cloud-based data processing meant businesses no longer had to house their own large and expensive data centers, and were instead able to make use of external data centers. But as demand has grown,  data centers are placed further from the source, and more and more users are experiencing latency issues. Edge data center solutions are designed to tackle this problem by bridging the gap between the user and the cloud.

The biggest benefit of the micro data center is the reduction in latency and bandwidth use and the increase in productivity. If you need to handle and process large volumes of data, the micro data center processes this important data at the client end rather than at the cloud end, giving much faster results. By utilising a micro data center, businesses can still benefit from the convenience of cloud computing, but with none of the latency issues. Modern micro data center solutions are also much smaller and cheaper than full-size data centers, requiring less upkeep. There is no need to construct a specialised building to house the micro data center as it takes up roughly a square meter of office space, and soundproofing options ensure there are no distractions to your workday.

Processing important data in the cloud also comes with a small cybersecurity risk, which micro data centers help to navigate by processing vital and sensitive data at the source instead, keeping your data safer. By processing more data at the source and relying on the cloud less, money in cloud costs can also be saved, making edge computing both efficient and cost-effective.

Edge micro data centers are an efficient way of dealing with the problems of data latency and bandwidth use that many businesses face. If you’re concerned with your data speed and how this could be impacting your business productivity, our data center solutions can help bring you back up to speed. Our micro data centers are compact, unobtrusive and energy-efficient, increasing your  processing speeds with minimal environmental impact. We also provide full-size data center solutions if you’re in need of more powerful data processing capability. Whatever your needs, our data center solutions can help to keep your data moving safely, quickly and efficiently.

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