Micro data centers and Edge computing are recent innovations that aim to decrease the delay issues users often face when processing large amounts of data. A Micro Data Center is a small-scale modular data center that includes computing and storage infrastructure, designed for workloads not requiring traditional large-scale facilities. Their small size means that they can be used in locations where it would be impractical to use traditional data centers. Micro Data Centers allow for ‘Edge’ computing – this is where data centers are placed closer to the point of utilization.

Edge computing is a local source of processing and storage. They can provide several benefits to your business:

  • Reduce latency (the time it takes for data to become available). Edge computing allows for local processing, meaning data can be processed and stored faster. This creates faster working speeds for your company. The longer the distance between where you work and your data center, the more time it takes to deliver digital services, as well as increasing your bandwidth costs.
  • Micro Data Centers are smaller in size. This means you can have more options of where to deploy it. You can also pay for exactly the size you need, whilst having the ability to scale up at any point. Micro data centers take up just one square meter of floor space and require no infrastructure, so can easily be installed in existing office space.
  • Faster deployment speeds. The smaller scale of Micro Data Center solutions means that they can be installed and set up quicker than regular data centers.
  • Micro Data Centers are reliable and generally come in modular designs, meaning that the design is standardized, and parts can be replaced easily and efficiently.
  • All this means you can reduce costs and save money for your business.

Edge computing can be very beneficial to businesses that are experiencing problems with latency but do not have access to their own full-size data center. USystems offer Edge platforms that can be deployed in a range of environments, including offices, classrooms, labs, and data centers. Our Edge-ready solutions and Micro DCs guarantee high-level availability anywhere that requires IT to be closer to the end-user. The modular and compact design of our plug-and-play Micro DC solutions allows for fast deployment in multiple environments.

Where localised server rooms of the past took up large amounts of space or needed their own building, this isn’t the case with micro data centers. An advantage of a micro data center is that it can be easily deployed into existing office space without needing specialised infrastructure. They also require minimum upkeep, allowing you to focus your time on your business.

At USystems we provide local and global scale coverage, offer customer support from inquiry to installation, and look to build long-term partnerships with our clients. As well as developing high-quality and innovative data center cooling technologies, we also look to be sustainable and lower the amount of energy we use, helping your business to reduce its environmental impact.

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