Image of a data center

A data center is a physical location utilised by businesses and organisations to house computing and networking equipment for the purpose of collecting, storing and delivering shared applications and data. They are highly specialised storage facilities with climate control to prevent the computer systems from overheating and backup power to ensure the data center can run around the clock giving businesses access to their vital data. Just about every modern business entity or organisation requires its own data center or access to an outsourced one, as business typically rely heavily upon the use of the data center for everyday operations.

Data centers are designed to support business applications in their daily running by providing services such as data storage, high volumes of email and e-commerce transactions, powering online gaming and streaming and much more. They are essentially made up of computer units, similar to the one you may be using right now, except they are highly specialised and finely tuned for storing and processing huge amounts of data. Data centers can contain routers, storage systems, servers, firewalls and more, and the units are stored in data cabinets in rows called data halls. When using a personal or work computer, you may notice the hard drive getting hot throughout the day or when performing particularly strenuous tasks. Data center computing equipment can generate large amounts of heat and are at risk of overheating, which is why correct storage and cooling systems are so important. Data centers have their own carefully monitored microclimate, utilising air conditioning to keep the data cabinets cool and the systems functioning properly.

In the past, data centers were often huge on-site infrastructural facilities similar to larger server rooms. But a shift towards cloud storage has changed this model, and most modern data centers now use a virtualised infrastructure over an on-premises physical server. At Usystems we provide data center water cooling for large off-site outsourced facilities as well as localised micro data center solutions. It may seem like a step in the wrong direction to return to a local data computing requirement that can take up office space, but a Usystems micro data center acts as a bridge between your business and cloud services, increasing speed and performance. Our micro data centers are specialised edge computing solutions that take up less than one square meter of floor space without compromising on performance. Micro data centers still give you access to an off-site cloud-based data center system, with the added benefit of increased performance.

The data center is the brain of your company, and we understand how important it is to ensure it stays running. We now provide 5G data center cooling, keeping at the cutting edge of the latest advances and innovating cooling technology to keep your data moving and your business up to speed. We maximise efficiency whilst reducing environmental impact, saving on energy costs. If you’re interested in micro data center solutions for your business, get in touch and see how we can help you boost your performance.

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