ColdLogik from USystems provides innovative, precise and award-winning cooling solutions for data centers of all types and all sizes. ColdLogik [cooling systems] are at the forefront of modern data center cooling innovation, pioneering energy-saving cooling that is sleek, modern and highly efficient in comparison to the CRAC systems of the past. From InRow cooling to rear door heat exchange, ColdLogik solutions are helping to keep data centers running as they should with a minimal cost and impact on the environment.

Rear Door Heat Exchangers

Rear door heat exchangers (or RDX) provide direct and precise cooling to data center cabinet units by cooling at the source of the heat. RDX can also be described as Air Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) which combines the best of both worlds. Air from the room is drawn into the unit to provide some ambient cooling, and the hot air that is expelled from the unit is passed through a liquid cooling system and converted into chilled air to be expelled into the room and provide extremely efficient cooling, not just to individual data cabinets but to the room as a whole. Rear door coolers can be easily installed without altering the current design of your data center, providing enhanced cooling capability with no hassle.

Inrow cooling

InRow cooling is exactly what you’d expect: cooling units installed into the data aisles to cool the rows instead of cooling the data center room as a whole, therefore providing much more efficient and easily-controllable cooling. InRow coolers take up much less space than older outdated cooling solutions and do not require a raised floor, meaning installation is fast, simple and straightforward. When combined with aisle containment to create hot and cold aisles, InRow cooling is up to 60% more efficient than CRAC cooling and does not require any additional room cooling; inrows are powerful enough to maintain a cool environment throughout your data center. ColdLogik is proud to offer the most efficient InRow coolers on the market, and our InRows are scalable by design, enabling you to add more cabinets and InRows to keep your data center cool as your business expands.

LX Plant

ColdLogik also provides a range of chillers, offering a complete catalogue of cooling solutions for any data center. Our mini chillers are suitable for use in the majority of data centers, and for denser deployments our free cooling chillers, dry air coolers and adiabatic coolers are powerful enough to keep your data center operating within recommended temperature guidelines. All of our chillers operate with maximum energy efficiency without compromising on performance, guaranteeing to efficiently cool your data center with a minimal environmental impact.

ColdLogik and USystems are dedicated to creating efficient and effective cooling solutions for data centers, with powerful performance and rapid return on investment. If you’re looking for cooling options that will drastically reduce your energy consumption whilst still maintaining ideal temperatures, get in touch and we can provide easy to install and scalable solutions to keep your data center running smoothly.

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