In Row Cooling

A robust and efficient cooling solution is vital to the running of any data center. There are a variety of methods that can be employed to keep data center equipment cool, but in row cooling has emerged as a highly efficient and popular option. In row cooling is a method of data center cooling that targets heat at the source. Where other cooling options aim to cool the room as a whole, in row coolers are installed onto server cabinets to remove heat directly from the hardware.

Traditionally, computer room air conditioning or CRAC, has been the main method of data center cooling where cold air is drawn under a raised floor and distributed throughout the server room. This method has its drawbacks, as the warm air that moves through the system is recycled which decreases cooling efficiency and can lead to hot spots within the room. A common solution to this is to combine CRAC cooling with aisle containment. This alternates the position of the server racks to create cold aisles where cold air is drawn in, and hot aisles that the hot air is expelled into. These aisles are isolated to keep the hot air and cold air separate, but with constant innovations in cooling technologies being made, this method is no longer the most effective or efficient. In row coolers are much more reliable and are also easier to repair; if a room cooling system malfunctions it can affect a multitude of units and put the entire data center at a standstill, whereas if an individual in row cooler malfunctions or requires maintenance, it can be easily seen to and fixed without affecting the cooling capacity of the units around it. In row cooling is also very scalable, and ideal for data centers that have growth in mind or want to accommodate higher-density hardware, giving you the ability to add cabinets and inrows as your business expands.

By suspending in row coolers above server racks or mounting them directly to the rack, important real estate and floor space can be saved when compared to CRAC solutions, leaving more space for data cabinets so you can maximise efficiency and output. Similarly to with CRACs, in row cooling can also be coupled with aisle containment to increase overall cooling efficiency and minimise the amount of mingling between warm and cold air, providing up to 60% savings in energy in comparison. When factoring in cost versus efficiency and size, although in row cooling may have a slightly higher initial cost, the money saved in energy consumption is significant enough to make in row cooling the most efficient choice today.

USystems are at the forefront of data center cooling innovations. We aim to provide data center cooling solutions to data centers worldwide that are both effective and energy efficient, reducing your overall impact on the environment. Browse our range of in row coolers to find the ideal solution for you or get in touch with us if you have any questions about the cooling products we have on offer.

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