As the name suggests, high performance computing describes computing solutions that are capable of processing huge amounts of data at incredibly high speeds, performing quadrillions of calculations per second. High performance computing (HPC) has historically been used by institutions such as universities and major corporations to solve complex scientific and engineering calculations, making innovations and breakthroughs in renewable energy, artificial intelligence and medicine. However, access to HPC is now becoming available in more industries. with more and more businesses now having HPC capabilities thanks to colocation HPC data centers.

All of modern society benefits from high performance computing in one way or another. HPC is widely used in healthcare and medicine and has been for years to find new treatments, drugs and solutions for health issues and diseases. Recently, HPC processes helped scientists to rapidly research and monitor Covid-19 in order to predict infection models and create a vaccine, and researchers have been able to refine cancer treatments by analysing cancer data using HPC. HPC is also at the heart of engineering, as computer simulations are a cheaper, easier and safer method of testing prototypes. Engineering innovations benefit a huge range of industries from aviation and aerospace to energy efficient transport solutions like delivery trucks. Simulations can be created to mimic how planes and vehicles will move in reality so that new parts can be created that are lighter, safer or more aerodynamic.

But with HPC becoming more accessible, retail corporations now have the capability to analyse vast customer databases to provide improved services and increase profitability, and increase the quality of the manufacturing process to provide better and more durable products. Many products in your home or parts of your car may have been created with the help of high performance computing without you even knowing it. In the financial industry, high performance computing in centralised fraud detection systems has also helped to benefit financial companies by quickly detecting instances of fraud and cracking down on scams, protecting companies, consumers and investors. High performance computing has many benefits over traditional computing due to its immense processing capability, enabling real-time data observations and complex predictions to be made that not only benefit businesses, but wider society. From public transport to air travel, to daily weather predictions, medical breakthroughs and self-driving cars, high performance computing is at the heart of our society and our everyday lives, and will be for years to come.

With increased demand and constantly developing technology and ideas, the market for HPC data centers has grown rapidly. Like any data center, a data center that houses powerful HPC equipment requires a robust cooling solution as HPC systems have very powerful processors and a higher density of servers per data center. HPC data centers generate high amounts of heat, but USystems range of cooling products are powerful and energy efficient enough to provide [HPC cooling] that keeps up with technological innovation. If your data center requires high performance computer cooling, our in row coolers can provide efficient and scalable cooling to meet your demands.

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