A data center is a physical location utilised by businesses and organisations to house computing and networking equipment for the purpose of collecting, storing and delivering shared applications and data. Data center cooling is all about controlling the temperature inside your data center to reduce heat. In order to maintain optimal performance of your computing infrastructure, you must maintain the correct room temperature for your hardware. Failure to manage temperature and airflow in your data center can lead to a risk of overheating, causing computing hardware to stop running properly and potentially leading to a fire risk. As IT systems become increasingly complex and powerful, the amount of heat they output has also grown. Cooling solutions therefore have and will continue to be, an essential part of server hosting.

Cooling solutions help your computing infrastructure to perform at an optimum level, and can potentially increase the lifespan of your technology. The USystems range includes Rear Door Coolers, In-Row Cooling and LX Plant cooling solutions. Our aim is for data centers to be better, scaleable, and also sustainable. We provide local and global scale coverage, offer customer support from inquiry to installation, and look to build long-term partnerships with our clients. As well as developing high-quality and innovative data center cooling technologies, we also aim to be sustainable and lower the amount of energy we use. As a business, we provide cooling solutions that enhance data center cooling, providing these to global businesses and making their data centers more environmentally friendly.

An efficient cooling solution is vital to the running of any data center. There are a variety of methods that can be employed, that are covered by Usystems.

We offer a range of Rear Door Coolers. Rear Door cooling brings the cooling unit directly to the cabinet and cools at the rack level instead of room level. The individual cooling unit is installed on the back of the cabinet to provide precise and efficient cooling at the heat source.

The ColdLogik CL80 In-Row Cooler provides precision cooling for new or retrofit environments where aisle containment is utilized. This also incorporates the award-winning ColdLogik Management System to ensure maximum capacity, efficiency, and control.

In order to fully benefit from the energy efficiency of both the ColdLogik and solutions, we offer a wide range of ‘LX’ products from mini-chillers and free-cooling chillers through to adiabatic cooling. These complete turn-key solutions enable a speedy return on investment. The LX products include:

  • Mini-chillers
  • ColdLogik Chillers
  • ColdLogik Free Cooling Chillers
  • Dry Air Coolers
  • Adiabatic Cooling
  • Cooling Towers

The data center is the brain of your company, and we understand how important it is to ensure it stays running. USystems aims to offer data center cooling solutions that are energy efficient and save on important space. Whether you require in-row or rear door cooling, our cooling solutions reduce your environmental impact without losing efficiency. If you require full-scale data center cooling or even cooling solutions for a micro data center, we can help to keep your data running smoothly.

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