The Logical Data Center​

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Yesterday’s Thinking for Todays Data Centers

Nobody invites change, especially when their existing business model works and is profitable, so for change to occur, there are normally key drivers. The data center industry is no different and the need for change is beginning to accelerate.

Data center owners are being made accountable for their environmental impact, poorly designed data centers simply create massive carbon emissions, waste vast amounts of valuable potable water and continue to use ozone depleting refrigerants. Because emotion alone doesn’t always create change, enforcement via legislation by governments, alongside demands from customers and stakeholders, is starting to be introduced to help combat high carbon emissions and encourage sustainability.

Technology changes are also a key driver in data center utilization, and the introduction of new chip sets, with their leap in compute power and the resulting increase in heat load, will leave many air moving data center designs, even with bolt on improvements simply unable to cope.

But, it will be the customers who will chose to use eco-friendly data centers, that will prove to be the tipping point – The good news is, change is a coming!


The Modern Data Center Approach

A modern data center design should be able to meet each one of these drivers, and at the same time offer more. A ColdLogik data center does exactly that. A data center that is robust, adaptable and ready to control the whole room temperature from this one single solution in a sustainable and more profitable way.

Air-assisted liquid cooling provides an economic deployment to both drive down running costs and improve environmental impact, providing increased sustainability through better PUE and WUE over traditional cooling technologies.

Capable of low, medium and high duty using the same technology and control philosophy – it’s not genius, it’s simply ColdLogik!

The Range

The Rear Door Cooler

5210 With Adaptor Frame and CL20 Door RH Perspective .88 Scaled

The InRow Cooler

IRC 600w x 1200d 1


4210 800 x 1200 GORAC SPEC ASSY RENDER 1
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