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EDGE-3 MDC: Revolutionizing Data Storage in Healthcare for Enhanced Patient Care

Key Features and Use Cases of EDGE-3 MDC

The EDGE-3 MDC is a self-contained, secure, and resilient micro data center that can be deployed quickly and easily in any location. It’s a compact, standalone unit with integrated cooling, power distribution, and monitoring systems. This product is designed for edge computing applications where rapid deployment, reliability, and security are paramount. In healthcare settings, it can be used for everything from storing electronic health records (EHRs) to supporting telemedicine services and AI-driven diagnostic tools.

Advantages Over Traditional Solutions

Unlike traditional IT or Server rooms, the EDGE-3 MDC requires minimal floor space and can be installed in open environments. This saves healthcare institutions the cost and complexity of building or expanding dedicated IT room facilities.Furthermore, the EDGE-3 MDC features an advanced cooling system that reduces energy consumption and extends the lifespan of the IT equipment housed within. It can be configured to have built-in security measures, including biometric access controls and CCTV, help protect sensitive healthcare data from unauthorized access.

How it Works and Compatibility

The EDGE-3 MDC works by consolidating IT infrastructure—servers, storage, networking equipment—into a single, compact unit. Its plug-and-play design simplifies installation, and its compatibility with all major hardware and software platforms ensures seamless integration with existing healthcare IT systems.

Technical Specifications

The EDGE-3 MDC comes in various configurations to suit different needs, with rack capacities ranging from 12U to 42U. It supports a maximum IT load of up to 12kW.

Real-World Examples and Testimonials

Healthcare professionals who have implemented the EDGE-3 MDC praise its ease of deployment, reliability, and security features. For example, a hospital IT manager noted that the EDGE-3 MDC allowed them to rapidly expand their data storage capacity without disrupting ongoing operations. A medical researcher appreciated the product’s high performance, which enabled them to process large datasets more quickly and accurately.In conclusion, the USystems EDGE-3 MDC offers a flexible, efficient, and secure solution for managing healthcare data. By enabling healthcare providers to deploy robust IT infrastructure quickly and easily, it helps them improve patient care, streamline operations, and advance medical research.

Challenges and Solutions


Bulk faced the following challenges:

  • How to design a solution for a colocation customer when specific IT technology, density or rack configuration is not known.
  • How to cater for the current GPU trend requiring 40-50kW+ per rack, while also considering future tech upgrades that could scale to even higher densities including Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC).
  • Find a flexible solution that allows its customer the option to select and bring in their own racks of different sizes and manufacturers.
  • Maximise operational efficiency through optimised airflow and heat rejection.
  • Reduce time for white space fit out and customer deployment by pre-installing and testing all cooling components.


The ColdLogik solution:

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of over 100 at maximum capacity.
  • Average 15% reclaimed power for Compute by comparison to traditional cooling.
  • Potential Cooling PUE available of 1.035 with RDC.
  • Over 50,000 trees worth of carbon saved per 1MW ColdLogik deployment.
  • Adaptive Intelligence that controls the whole room temperature.
  • Higher water temperatures reduce the need for mechanical cooling, whilst maintaining ASHRAE A1 temperatures.


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