Case Study
Case Study

USystems Successfully Delivers Critical Data Center Infrastructure to Three UK Head Office

New Head Office Facility

Project at a Glance

Project Type: New Head Office Facility

Location: Reading, United Kingdom

Equipment Installed: Customised 43U USpace 5210 Racks and EDGE-3 Soundproof MDC

Customer Benefits:

  • Secure Data Centre Infrastructure
  • Customised rack solutions to ensure white-space optimisation
  • Energy efficient, plug and play modular data centres, enabling flexibility should the customer require to expand.

The Customer

Three UK looked to USystems and Datacom to effectively deliver IT enclosures for the new head office facility in the UK. The build consisted of a main data centre comprised of 48 Racks.

The racks needed to be of several different custom cable management specifications as well as a bespoke height, to fit into a small lift and maximise the effectiveness of equipment on site. The USystems Design and Engineering team completed the custom designs on a short timeline, and the USystems Operations Team built and delivered the racks to schedule without any issues or delays.

The design also included 3 x smaller comms rooms for which the EDGE-3 MDC was selected for flexibility on site with its built-in cooling and sound proofing capabilities. The width of 780mm frame made them easy to deploy and the addition of a 300mm deep extension frame allowed them more space for cable management and PDUs.

The Datacom Team project managed the delivery and on-site installation, having a team on site made for simple effective communication and an issue free project.

The Datacom project management was also vital in liaising between USystems and Three to ensure the bespoke cable management was ideal for site.

The expert team at Three helped both USystems and Datacom in delivering a successful project.

<p>EDGE-3 Soundproof Micro Data Center</p>

Final Product Supply:

EDGE-3 Soundproof Micro Data Center

Simple ‘plug and play’ EDGE-3 solution is supplied pre-configured from the factory with built-in intelligence and an energy efficient air-cooling system for effortless installation and customer convenience.

The EDGE-3 is an excellent all round 19” data, comms and server cabinet, with adjustable front and rear mounting angles and six cable entry ports, but uniquely will reduce equipment noise up to 28.5dBA (99.9%) of IT noise, while providing a thermal load capacity of 12kW.

To accommodate greater depth IT equipment such as some of the latest high power servers. The extension kit enables these to be housed in the EDGE-3 by giving an additional 300mm depth to accommodate this type of deeper, specialist equipment.

<p>EDGE-3 Soundproof Micro Data Center</p>
<p>5210 Data Center Rack Solution</p>

5210 Data Center Rack Solution

The versatile aluminium framed USpace 5210 Data Center Rack Cabinet Solution is designed to meet the demands of ever-increasing equipment densities while maintaining benefits in cabling access and ease of installation. The 43U rack comes with a superior venting AirTech ‘V’ front door with 86% airflow, and vented wardrobe rear doors, able to open 180° for ease of access. The 5210 rack solution offers unique flexibility via multi depth mounting angle kit with infinite adjustment rails. Three UK incorporated various configurations for their cable management and accessories for true networkoptimisation.

<p>5210 Data Center Rack Solution</p>

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