Quality Policy

Quality is a major requirement for Legrand, and a decisive competitive advantage for its development strategy. In order to reinforce it still further and meet the expectations of its stakeholders, the Group is rolnlig out a globalquality strategy for its different brands, based on four pillars:

Satisfy Our Customers

Satisfy our customers, increase their loyalty and seize opportunities to conquer new markets

  • Ensure our recognised level of quality is maintained in the long term, by taking into account the life cycle
    of our solutions (safety, reliability, ease of implementation and use);
  • Stay permanently in touch with the needs of the market and user feedback;
  • Provide products and services that are innovative and create value.

Our Commitments

Ensure that our commitments are met

  • Ensure fulfilment of our requirements and those of our stakeholders;
  • Develop and roll out our product platforms;
  • Reduce our development cycles;
  • Organise and manage our processes to maximise and develop our efficiency;
  • Measure and monitor our processes throughout our value chain.

Improve Our Performance

Continuously improve our performance and management system

  • Promote risk analysis tools and roll out the Legrand Way (continuous improvement strategy, standards and tools);
  • Implement a rapid, proportionate action plan to address the risks detected.

Encourage the accountability

Encourage the accountability of all persons involved in our processes

  • Encourage the accountability of all persons involved in our processes
  • Encourage and support staff commitment to implementing this quality policy and the associated programmes;
  • Promote a spirit of initiative and both individual and collective performance;
  • Develop our knowledge and skills in our current and future business areas;
  • Promote the involvement and accountability of suppliers in our processes as early on as possible, as part of a sustainable and balanced relationship.

The objectives associated with this policy are set out in the Legrand Group CSR Strategy.

Benoît Coquart