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How the Soundproof EDGE-3 MDC accomplishes over 12kW of heat removal with just fans

<p>EDGE-3 MDC</p>


Protecting expensive servers and switches or just general IT equipment is of paramount importance, and by clever design the unique air extraction system provides a staggering 12kW heat removal in Soundproof EDGE-3 MDC.

Incorporating EC fan technology into micro data center solutions means an immediate energy reduction compared to standard AC or DC fans. The EDGE Management System has onboard EC fan control capability thus enabling the fans to ramp up and down in speed in response to the temperature within the enclosure, this means that only the necessary amount of power is used to maintain the ideal operating temperature.

The Key Difference for 12kW Heat Removal: Zones

The key difference between most 19” soundproof cabinets is the poor segregation between cold air entering into the cabinet and the IT equipment space – failure to deal with this results in hot spots, heat recirculation issues and an inability of heat removal.
The EDGE-3 Soundproof MDC deals with heat removal by creating three separate zones. The first zone is the ‘patent pending’ double pass wardrobe front doors; ambient air passes through the full height of the doors and into the second zone.
This feature is of key importance as this allows a uniform flow of ambient cool air to be available at any ‘U’ positions within the cabinet – so no equipment needs be starved of cool air. It is worth noting that this vertical space should be kept clear and that all
cabling should be kept managed against the infill panels, using jumper rings, finger management or cable trunking.

The second zone is the IT equipment space, and sealing between the first and second zone is critical. The EDGE-3 comes as standard with foam infills which cover the periphery of the 19” area.
Cabling can pass through this area from front to rear, but maintaining the seals integrity is very important. In addition to the peripheral area, the 19” aperture also needs to be treated in the same way – completely sealed. Unfortunately, not all equipment
comes in the standard 19” format, for this reason we have a number of solutions designed to assist in this process.
The air inlet wardrobe doors enable the required volume of air to uniformly flow over the full height of the ‘U’ space on both sides of the cabinet, thus ensuring that all the enclosed IT equipment receive the necessary amount of air.
The hot air exits via the active temperature-controlled doors, which is in effect the third zone. Once again, it’s imperative that the air exhaust is kept clear of obstruction from cabling, PDU’s, etc.

<p>Heat Load Testing</p>

Heat Load Testing

During original heat load testing, USystems engineers demonstrated how critical it is to maintain the seal integrity between the first zone (i.e. air intake doors, 19” facia) and the second zone (i.e. the IT equipment area). They removed just one small foam

black from the bottom corner of the cabinet and the data from the temperature revealed an immediate heat gain of 15°C/59°F in the localised area, which meant the air on temperature to the IT equipment increased to 37°C/99°F and alarmingly the whole front zone increased by 5°C/41°F.

<p>Heat Load Testing</p>


The EDGE-3 Soundproof MDC can effectively deal with up to 12kW server heat removal via its two centrifugal fans in the rear doors – to ensure maximum energy efficiency, they are fitted with variable fan speed controls and temperature sensors.

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