Case Study

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CL80 Solution, Edge 3 MDC and 5210 Cabinets deployment

Project at a Glance

The client: confidential

The brief: The client was relocating their central London offices to a new high rise building and required a state-of-the-art, efficient IT infrastructure solution over three floors with- in a 17.4m2 area:

1 x Comms Room
2 x Micro Data Centres


Clients London offices

An IT load of 8.3kW (6.9kw + 20% expansion). Primary cooling InRow chilled water with N+1 CRAC unit redundancy. Airflow containment to be hot aisle with a UPS capacity of 12kW normal, 32kW peak. UPS redundancy N+1 (internal), UPS autonomy 25 minutes at N+1, fire detection and inert gas suppression. Temperature and humidity integrated with Netbotz and existing Struxtureware server to be migrated.

The Comms Room was the heart of the solution which needed to consist of :

  • 4 x enclosures
  • 1 x cooling solution
  • 1 x UPS

The solution


After initial meetings and site visits the 5210 DRS by USystems was selected. Its premium build quality and flexible deployment capability made it the clear choice for this project.

The enclosure is designed to meet the demands of ever-increasing equipment densities while maintaining benefits in cabling access and ease of installation. The 5210 enables re- configurability and remediation, to grow and to change as the IT need change.

Some of their key benefits:

– Aluminum four post frame configuration (which is M6 tapped so PDU’s can be directly mounted to the frame, without the need for any brackets).

– 1500kg Static load rating.

– Four infinitely adjustable step-less tool-less 19” mounting rails with depth markings.

– Top panel cable entry brush strip front to rear.

– Quick release cladding (accessible only from inside rack).



Redundancy and efficiency where the drivers behind the design of our clients cooling solution. USystems range of CL80 coolers were selected. Due to the small footprint, space needed to be super utilised or saved wherever possible.

The Powerful CL80 InRow cooler can produce up to 68kW in the 300mm wide footprint, making it perfect for this application. Four units were included in the solution design, giving N+N redundancy. The ColdLogik Management System standard within the CL80 , ena- bles the units to increase and decrease in power as the duty changes, further enhancing efficiency.


A high quality modular, cabinet mounted Blade UPS from Eaton was selected for the solution. This gave flexibility as well as a further reduction in footprint.

Micro Data Centres

To further aid in footprint reduction the Edge 3 MDC by USystems was chosen to achieve the load, capacity and environment required.

The sound reducing capabilities meant that the cabinets could be deployed on the work- space environment thus negating the need for another specific build comms room.

Inbuilt intelligence and powerful EC efficient variable speed fans mean that the cabinets are truly self-sufficient and control their own environment.

Challenges and Solutions


Bulk faced the following challenges:

  • How to design a solution for a colocation customer when specific IT technology, density or rack configuration is not known.
  • How to cater for the current GPU trend requiring 40-50kW+ per rack, while also considering future tech upgrades that could scale to even higher densities including Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC).
  • Find a flexible solution that allows its customer the option to select and bring in their own racks of different sizes and manufacturers.
  • Maximise operational efficiency through optimised airflow and heat rejection.
  • Reduce time for white space fit out and customer deployment by pre-installing and testing all cooling components.


The ColdLogik solution:

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of over 100 at maximum capacity.
  • Average 15% reclaimed power for Compute by comparison to traditional cooling.
  • Potential Cooling PUE available of 1.035 with RDC.
  • Over 50,000 trees worth of carbon saved per 1MW ColdLogik deployment.
  • Adaptive Intelligence that controls the whole room temperature.
  • Higher water temperatures reduce the need for mechanical cooling, whilst maintaining ASHRAE A1 temperatures.


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