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EDGE-3 Edge compute roll out across EMEA

Project at a Glance

The client: Confidential

The brief: The client was looking to deploy Edge compute infrastructure in a range of environments most of which would be deployed close to office workers. Therefore the solution had to secure and sound attenuated.They further required the ability to use powerful side venting equipment within the enclosure and have the capacity for large volume of category 6A cable entry.Finally they needed the enclosure to be aesthetically pleasing as they to be deployed in open view in their work surroundings. In late 2018, the client approached USystems looking for a partner who would be able to offer an end to end service deploying such solutions for their constantly emerging edge compute sites across EMEA with the first due in Q3 of 2019.

The Solution: Having studied the brief and conducted initial meetings with the client, it was agreed that the USystems EDGE-3 comprised all the fea- tures and benefits they required.

EDGE-3 Rapid deployment Micro Data Centre

The EDGE 3 is a true micro data centre ‘MDC’. The high-pitched frequencies generated by the active equipment are comfortably dampened by the system’s impressive sound attenuation, causing no disruption to office workers, even those in very close proximity.

It also looks impressive especially in office surroundings.

EDGE-3 Safe and Secure

With users being closer to the enclosures cabinet level security is another im- portant factor.

The EDGE 3 has several well engineered solutions to ensure the cabinets remain secured and safe. For example, push pins ensure the side panels cannot be opened without the front doors being unlocked.

EDGE-3 End to end services

The USystems ICM team assisted and trained the clients UK team in the London sites, enabling deployment of six EDGE-3 cabinets in Paris on various sites to go smoothly.

The client has beautiful modern buildings for their new deployments, the aesthetics of the two USystems Edge 3 cabinets deployed there compliment their stylish interior décor.The white coupled with the iconic orange flash make for a striking yet subtle finished deployment.

As edge sites by nature bring the compute physically closer to the user, making a feature of the infrastructure is something USystems do well and are proud of.


The initial total of eight 42U units have been successfully deployed over two sites one in the UK and various sites in Paris.

The client is at the forefront of networking innovation with their new Edge compute system and we are proud to be partnered with them in their roll out endeavours.

Challenges and Solutions


Bulk faced the following challenges:

  • How to design a solution for a colocation customer when specific IT technology, density or rack configuration is not known.
  • How to cater for the current GPU trend requiring 40-50kW+ per rack, while also considering future tech upgrades that could scale to even higher densities including Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC).
  • Find a flexible solution that allows its customer the option to select and bring in their own racks of different sizes and manufacturers.
  • Maximise operational efficiency through optimised airflow and heat rejection.
  • Reduce time for white space fit out and customer deployment by pre-installing and testing all cooling components.


The ColdLogik solution:

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of over 100 at maximum capacity.
  • Average 15% reclaimed power for Compute by comparison to traditional cooling.
  • Potential Cooling PUE available of 1.035 with RDC.
  • Over 50,000 trees worth of carbon saved per 1MW ColdLogik deployment.
  • Adaptive Intelligence that controls the whole room temperature.
  • Higher water temperatures reduce the need for mechanical cooling, whilst maintaining ASHRAE A1 temperatures.


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